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Am Sonnhofweg

Seven houses form an ensemble with a careful balance between shared open spaces and facilities, as well as private terraces and gardens.
Blurring the boundaries with the surrounding landscapes, orchards and gardens form a hybrid landscape on the south facing slope.

2020 - 


Vasoldsberg, Austria

Gut Glycinienhof

The garden adjoins an existing house from the 17th century and the design adapts to the owners’ needs. Based on a thorough study of the site and its conditions the design of the garden consists of an entree, an intensively used lawn, a small park, and an orchard.

2017 - 2019

Hart bei Graz, Austria

mon jardin secret

In cultural history gardens take various forms and expressions of the given Zeitgeist. Versailles, one of the world's greatest gardens, is built to express the emperor's infinite area of influence through a seemingly endless axis extending into the landscape.

In this small garden proposal for a garden show titled "forest garden," an intimate space is framed with beech hedges. In the context of the show, the garden would be one of many to be discovered along a stroll. Curved hedges mark three entrances and invite visitors to explore the interior where a small water basin awaits. An informal arrangement of chairs offers a moment of contemplation and a chance to enjoy reflections of the surrounding beech forest in the mirroring water.
Open Competition, 3rd Prize


Bad Lippspringe, Germany

Garden K

A garden as...

... a walkable picture
... a space for contemplation
... an arboretum
... a place for memories
... a tool to measure time
... a room

2015 - 2016

St. Peter am Ottersbach, Austria