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Nature Vivante*

Soil is more than a surface to walk on - it is matter crucial to supporting life on planet earth! Besides being essential to life, it is a wondrous world on its own and worth being (re)discovered!

Lausanne Jardin 2019, is a fantastic opportunity to explore and visualize the manifold processes and relationships in soil for which Soutènement de Saint-Paul is the perfect site: We propose to create a living image on the wall that transforms over the period of the exhibition. Our canvas will be made out of linen and enriched by a print made out of natural dye. The printed leaves, fruits, and organic objects will be the starting point for the processes, set in motion by natural rain.

Open Competition, Prize Winner

2018 - 2019

Lausanne Switzerland

Your Private Sky

Perceptions are individual and subjective. The proposal enables and enhances this experience by creating a space that brings the visitor at the center of the plants, microclimate and sky above. After the exhibition, the object can be deconstructed and transferred to various locations.

Green Art Open Competition, Runner Up


Tulln, Austria