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Kirchner Kaserne

A residential complex to be developed on the site of the former Kirchner barracks. A band of public open space forms the main backbone of the complex. Along this strip, a number of different pocket parks offer a variety of uses for all age groups. They are designed as a tree garden, play hills, boccia field, ball field and sunbathing lawn. In the interior of the neighbourhood (semi-public areas), further recreational and play areas are planned for the residents.

Open Competition, 1st Prize, ongoing project

2019 - 2023

Graz, Austria

Pentaplan + Schwarz Platzer

Bad Tölz

In its current condition, the already existing park has significant qualities which we want to build upon; on the one hand, the park benefits from its location on the Isar and its proximity to the old town, making this place particularly valuable for Bad Tölz. In addition, the tree population is recognized as a valuable asset. By removing existing hedges along the embankment, the park will open to the Isar river. The movement and power of the water will become visible through the "free washing" of underlying layers of stone. The shore is structured by strips of Nagelfluh (processed in-situ concrete) and embedded oversized river pebbles. This divides the shore into different areas and makes it possible to sit at or above the water.
Invited Competition, 1st Prize
in Collaboration with Keller_Damm_Kollegen

2018 - 2020 (completed)

Bad Tölz, Germany

Quartierpark Areal Thurgauerstrasse

The design for the new district park envisions zoning into two areas; terraces built along the entrance at Thurgauerstrasse to accommodate uses such as a playground, a picnic area, and relaxation areas; and the higher part of the park opening into expansive meadows. Together, the complementing characters of these two areas form a park around the neighborhood and community center with areas for flexible uses.
Open Competition, 4th Prize


Zurich, Switzerland