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Post City Gardens

The crystalline volumes of the buildings create various types of open spaces, allocated in different vertical strata. A plaza creates an open and welcoming entrée to the central station of Linz. Among the green spaces on the ground floor will be a public park, a promenade, smaller squares and alleys.

On Sphere 1, approximately 12 meters above ground, roof gardens will provide semi-public spaces for restaurants, a cinema, a bus terminal and housing developments. Like the vegetation changes with altitude on a mountain, it changes here from the ground floor upwards - the house becomes a mountain.

Open Competition, 1st Prize, ongoing project

2019 - 2025

Linz, Austria

Nussmüller Architekten

Masterplan Berliner Allee, Augsburg

The former industrial site was an inaccessible plot which formed a massive barrier between the city and the river Lech. Thus, the first and key intervention for the redevelopment are the green fingers; they open the borders and extend existing streets via new parks and plazas towards the river. In addition to the landscape, refurbished buildings and old rail tracks form the second element, that together, create the basis for the re-occupation of the site with commercial and industrial businesses.



Augsburg, Germany

JLL Munich

Keller Damm Kollegen, Munich

Natural City Parauapebas

The city of Parauapebas has the highest growth rate in Brazil. Every year, about 30,000 people move to the city from the countryside, attracted by the economic boom developed around the iron ore mine.
This enormous growth results in the implementation of large scale social housing programs with two main concerns: to build fast and for many people. The MAS program conceptualized a strategic masterplan for the city in close collaboration with the Vale Foundation and the municipality of Parauapebas. Based on the strategic aspects of the masterplan, alternative housing typologies and exemplar plans for neighbourhoods were developed.

Strategic Masterplan, Urban Design


Parauapebas, Brazil

Andreas Boden & Fernanda Tellez Velasco