Vienna, AT

City of Vienna

AAE Intec, Nussmüller Architects, ROMM, Triagonal Traffic Planners, wohnbund:consult

The emerging climate showcase city of Rothneusiedl integrates urban spaces with natural green spaces. A continuous green belt traverses the urban areas, fostering pedestrian connectivity between city neighborhoods and enriching the lives of future residents with verdant, cool, and permeable spaces. This interconnected and networked green infrastructure enhances vitality and biodiversity, providing unparalleled benefits in handling substantial rainfall events.

The foundational layout of the new neighborhood draws inspiration from the existing field structures, evident in both the green spaces and the arrangement of building plots. The open space framework establishes a harmonious structure, featuring expansive parks, urban squares, tranquil courtyards, and ample areas for nature. The design of public park spaces adheres to the principle of creating a “democratic green,” granting all neighborhood residents access to expansive open areas. The accessibility of diverse open spaces (neighborhood > residential area > urban district) is meticulously ensured.

Green ribbons, influenced by local agricultural contexts such as windbreaks and field structures, are woven into the urban fabric as linear parks with distinctive themes and characters. A wild garden, serving as a nature-oriented area, acts as a buffer to the rail terminal. A rain garden, designed as a linear natural playground, integrates themes like rainwater management and recreational functionality. The Pflückgarten celebrates the concept of the edible city as a novel park type.

The forest theme defines the existing windbreak strip, extended into an urban forest that offers an engaging open space with versatile uses. The strip along the underground railway serves as a central hub for public life, sports, culture, and horticulture, embodying a 21st-century commons. A Market Garden establishes a link between the new Rothneusiedler Platz and the Zukunftshof, connecting with surrounding productive fields.

Competition, Third Prize