We are a landscape architecture and urban design studio based in Graz, Austria. Our work seeks to integrate hybrid processes, inspiring ecological awareness, and fostering social performance. As an interdisciplinary practice, we are dedicated to sensible and meaningful projects ranging from scales of objects to territorial strategies. The ambition is to work towards inclusive proposals in communication with the fields of landscape architecture, urbanism, architecture and art.

Florian Absmanner

Florian is a landscape architect at Studio Boden. He currently works as project manager for Hallenbad Klagenfurt, a multi-year project in Carinthia, in addition to other projects which vary in kind and scale. His work comprises all design phases, ranging from first sketches to detailed construction planning. Florian graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from FH Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

Prior to joining Studio Boden, he worked for 5 years at the renowned firm Lex_Kefers Landschaftsarchitekten in Erding, close to Munich.

On his free time Florian enjoys writing, drawing, reading, travelling, philosophy and all kinds of sports. A quote by Karl Valentin which he feels identified with: I am happy when it rains, because if I am not happy, it’ll still rain.

Dagmar Adam-Mayerhofer

Dagmar Adam-Mayerhofer works as a management assistant and office manager at Studio Boden. In this role, she supports the management in organizational and administrative matters, especially regarding personnel, scheduling and resource planning.

Before joining the studio, she worked for several years as an executive assistant at a real estate developer in Graz. She happily shares and extends her experiences with the studio, continuously improving the office organization and management.

In her free time, she enjoys activities such as dancing, Pilates and healthy exercise training.

Andreas Boden

Andreas is the founder and director of Studio Boden.

After graduating from the Higher Federal Institute for Horticulture in Vienna, he worked as a landscape gardener and, from 2006, studied landscape architecture at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the University of Sheffield (UK). After working for the internationally renowned firm of Vogt Landscape Architects in Munich, Zurich and London, he completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. During and after his urban design studies, he worked for over three years as a project manager at anton & ghiggi (Zurich).

His vision adopts a synthetic design approach that emphasizes the interconnectedness of objects and organisms at various scales.

Andreas was a university assistant at the Institute of Architecture and Landscape at Graz University of Technology from 2016 to 2019. Until fall 2020, he was a lecturer in the Bachelor’s program in Architecture at Graz University of Technology.

In his free time, he is a passionate cyclist and traveler.

Lukas Boß

Lukas Boß, is an architectural assistant at Studio Boden. He has acquired extensive experience in projects like Green.Diversity Linz, learning about rainwater management and animal-sensitive landscape design. He has also contributed to competition designs for projects such as the Regional Hospital in Liezen and Neckarspinnerei Quartier Wendlingen. Currently, he is working on a project for a kindergarten in Graz.

Lukas holds a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from HfT Stuttgart, with an Erasmus+ semester at HSLU Lucerne. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Graz University of Technology. Before joining Studio Boden, he worked as student assistant at the Institut für Gebäudelehre (TU Graz). He has also collaborated with the German Pavilion team at the Biennale Architettura 2023. Lukas brings a diverse skill set and dedication to his role in shaping architectural landscapes.

Dina Csóra-Tislér

Dina is a landscape architect at Studio Boden. She earned her Master of Arts degree in landscape design from Szent István University in Budapest. Before joining Studio Boden, she gained professional experience as a designer in Budapest, contributing to diverse projects of various types and scales. She has worked both within a design office team and as a self-employed designer.

Dina’s passion lies in exploring sustainable and ecological solutions within the realm of landscape architecture. In her free time, she is mostly devoted to her toddler, while enjoying discovery of new playgrounds. Additionally, she is enthusiastically dedicated to learning the German language.

Gabriela Deveras

Gabriela Deveras is a Brazilian architect. She has been part of Studio Boden since its beginnings. Currently, she serves as a project assistant for two new schools in Graz, a secondary Highschool and a primary school in the Reininghaus development. In addition, she is supporting the team on various design competitions.

Simultaneously, Gabi is working on her Master’s thesis at TU Graz Faculty of Architecture. There, she has also collaborated as student assistant at the Institute of Architecture and Landscape, participating in the preparation of courses, publications, and exhibitions. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Tocantins in Brazil. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in an exchange program in landscape architecture at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Joining Studio Boden in 2018, Gabriela brings an international experience to the team.

Eva Händler-Kitaeva

Eva Händler-Kitaeva works as a project manager at Studio Boden, where her expertise spans a diverse spectrum of projects, including strategy and analytic planning. She holds degrees in landscape architecture from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, and sociology from Karl-Franzens-University, Graz. Eva has a keen interest in urban interventions and sustainable urban development.

With a passion for bringing cities to life, Eva focuses on activating resident’s lifestyle and planning urban spaces with a sustainable approach. Her current research revolves around urban allotment gardens, exploring innovative ways to incorporate them as public green spaces within sustainable urban development frameworks. Having accumulated professional experience in Vienna, Basel, and Bangkok, Eva also contributes as a guest critic at various universities and writes articles for landscape architecture magazines such as Zoll +.

Eva enjoys her work’s changing nature and is passionate about leisure and art. Currently, she is working on a large housing project, part of the “Village im Dritten,” an urban development in Vienna.

Lena Höll 

Lena is an architect and current Master student at TU Graz. As a dedicated architect, she actively supports the office across all design phases, placing a particular emphasis on precise model making. Leveraging her creative thinking and craftsmanship, Lena contributes to the development of innovative solutions and ensures the successful realization of each project.

Having graduated from the Higher Technical Education and Research Hallein in the fields of interior design and wood technology, Lena went on to obtain her Bachelor’s degree at the Graz University of Technology.

Throughout her studies, she honed her skills through internships at various architecture firms. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in architecture at the same university with great enthusiasm.

Biljana Nikolic

Biljana is a landscape architect at Studio Boden. She holds a Master in Landscape Architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her interest lies in crafting immersive threshold spaces that merge sensory and environmental elements. Her background as an assistant professor and teaching assistant in Austria and Norway has shaped her multidisciplinary thinking approach, influenced by former roles at LCLA Office and Tromso Academy. From 2017 to 2023, Biljana has been a full-time teacher and researcher, merging interior scale, landscape architecture, and architecture.

Dedicated to holistic design, she contributed to the Venice Biennale and executed the “Aotearoa Forest Table” installation for Victoria University (New Zealand) in 2019, integrating exhibition materials and indigenous technologies with the natural environment. In 2018, she collaborated on “La Fabrica della Biennale,” researching the long-term ecological performance of landscape architecture.

Driven by a passion for materials, connecting interior design, urban planning, and landscape architecture, Biljana actively promotes an inclusive environmental awareness within her diverse engagements. During her free time, she swims and reads poetry.

Mercedes Peralta

Mercedes collaborates as a media strategist. She is an Argentinean-Italian architect, and assistant professor and researcher at TU Graz, building on her role as a Research Associate at Harvard’s Office for Urbanization (2018-2021). She holds a MArch and Certificate in Media and Modernity from Princeton School of Architecture in addition to a diploma in architecture from Universidad de Buenos Aires. Formerly an architectural designer in Buenos Aires, her focus spanned craft-oriented initiatives, from temporary installations to medium-scale public works.

Her teaching spans Princeton, Harvard, and Universidad de Buenos Aires, including an active contribution to the Princeton-Columbia team for the Istanbul Biennial “Are We Human?” (2016).

Mercedes’s research/design experience tackled themes such as obsolete infrastructure, mobility-oriented design, healthy cities, new town planning, branding, cultural heritage, and the curatorship of Future of the American City. Co-authoring Harvard GSD’s “50 Species-Towns,” she delved into China’s agricultural landscapes as photography editor. Other leadership included Harvard GSD’s “Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas” conference (postponed due to Covid-19) and co-editing “ 02: Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas.”

She enjoys cooking, learning in-line skating, art, and beaches.

Former Collaborators

  • Viktoria Stangl
  • Petra Boden
  • Jennifer Fauster
  • Sarah Klaunzer
  • Eva Maria Konrad
  • Daniela Kozich
  • Nicole la Hausse de Lalouviere
  • Barbara Mayr
  • Christian Räuschenböck
  • Lena Ruckenstuhl
  • Alice Steiner
  • Jakob Tscherteu
  • Armin Zepic


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