Seepromenade St. Gilgen



St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee, AT

Municipality St. Gilgen


St. Gilgen’s municipality offers a stunning view of Lake Wolfgang and the surrounding mountains. Our new lakefront promenade enhances this experience, making it even more impressive. As part of the overall design, we have added a specially crafted stone drinking fountain, bringing a touch of artistry to the lakeside setting. Nestled directly on the lake, just a few minutes’ walk from Mozartplatz and the town hall, you will find the lakeside promenade St. Gilgen. This location offers a unique view of Lake Wolfgangsee and the surrounding landscape. The captivating view not only appeals to tourists but is also a special experience for the local residents. The opportunity to renovate the aging lakeside wall provided a chance to reemphasize this view.

Simultaneously, there was a goal to transform the lake promenade into a high-quality recreational area and a renewed gathering place for St. Gilgen. The existing bank wall and railings were dismantled and replaced with a seating step system. This alteration not only opened up the view of the lake but also provided direct access, allowing people to spend time right by the water.

During the bank reinforcement project, the adjacent parking area underwent a renewal, adopting a robust yet elegant design appropriate for the location. The removal of small-scale elements, such as flower beds and lawns, and the strategic placement of new furniture contribute to creating a spacious and uncluttered atmosphere. Additionally, the existing Billroth monument has been restored and repositioned in a central location within the park.