Biljana Nikolic





Biljana is a landscape architect at Studio Boden. She holds a Master in Landscape Architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her interest lies in crafting immersive threshold spaces that merge sensory and environmental elements. Her background as an assistant professor and teaching assistant in Austria and Norway has shaped her multidisciplinary thinking approach, influenced by former roles at LCLA Office and Tromso Academy. From 2017 to 2023, Biljana has been a full-time teacher and researcher, merging interior scale, landscape architecture, and architecture.

Dedicated to holistic design, she contributed to the Venice Biennale and executed the “Aotearoa Forest Table” installation for Victoria University (New Zealand) in 2019, integrating exhibition materials and indigenous technologies with the natural environment. In 2018, she collaborated on “La Fabrica della Biennale,” researching the long-term ecological performance of landscape architecture.

Driven by a passion for materials, connecting interior design, urban planning, and landscape architecture, Biljana actively promotes an inclusive environmental awareness within her diverse engagements. During her free time, she swims and reads poetry.