Mercedes Peralta





Mercedes collaborates as a media strategist. She is an Argentinean-Italian architect, and assistant professor and researcher at TU Graz, building on her role as a Research Associate at Harvard’s Office for Urbanization (2018-2021). She holds a MArch and Certificate in Media and Modernity from Princeton School of Architecture in addition to a diploma in architecture from Universidad de Buenos Aires. Formerly an architectural designer in Buenos Aires, her focus spanned craft-oriented initiatives, from temporary installations to medium-scale public works.

Her teaching spans Princeton, Harvard, and Universidad de Buenos Aires, including an active contribution to the Princeton-Columbia team for the Istanbul Biennial “Are We Human?” (2016).

Mercedes’s research/design experience tackled themes such as obsolete infrastructure, mobility-oriented design, healthy cities, new town planning, branding, cultural heritage, and the curatorship of Future of the American City. Co-authoring Harvard GSD’s “50 Species-Towns,” she delved into China’s agricultural landscapes as photography editor. Other leadership included Harvard GSD’s “Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas” conference (postponed due to Covid-19) and co-editing “ 02: Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas.”

She enjoys cooking, learning in-line skating, art, and beaches.